“Manipulating Stem Cell Fate” Featuring Dr. Shuibing Chen

On this episode of the Stem Cell Podcast, Dr. Shuibing Chen from Weill Cornell Medicine talks about using organoids to study diabetes, Zika, and SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Shuibing Chen is the Kilts Family Professor of Surgery at Weill Cornell Medicine. Her lab uses hiPSCs and ESCs for disease modeling and drug screening, with a focus on diabetes and infectious diseases such as Zika and SARS-CoV-2. She talks about her recent genome-wide association study in a dish, the role of philanthropic funding in stem cell research, and the role of industry partnerships in translational research.

Dr. Shuibing Chen is a stem cell biologist trained as an expert in pancreatic development, but she does a little bit of everything these days when it comes to disease modeling and drug screening. Her lab has been extremely productive in the last few years, using organoid models to study a variety of diseases ranging from cardiovascular disease to diabetes and even modeling COVID-19 in a dish!

Dr. Arun Sharma, host

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This Episode's Stem Cell Roundup:

Publish Date: February 02, 2023