“Cellular Reprogramming and Pluripotency” Featuring Dr. Jacob Hanna

On this episode of the Stem Cell Podcast, Dr. Jacob Hanna from the Weizmann Institute of Science discusses his research on synthetic embryo models.

Dr. Jacob Hanna is an Associate Professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science. His lab investigates cellular reprogramming and embryogenesis. He talks about the challenges of growing synthetic embryo models in a roller culture system and the feasibility of making human gametes. He also discusses his startup, Renewal Bio, the ethical discussions surrounding stem cell-derived embryos, and creating a more inclusive and equitable scientific community.

Dr. Jacob Hanna is a developmental biologist who has been at the forefront of multiple monumental studies in stem cell biology in the past decade. We discuss his recent high-profile work on stem cell-derived embryo models as well as his journey as an LGBTQ scientist.

Dr. Arun Sharma, host

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This Episode's Stem Cell Roundup:

Publish Date: February 01, 2023