Dr. Caroline Lindemans

Dr. Caroline Lindemans talks about her research on the role of innate immune cells in intestinal stem cell maintenance

Dr. Caroline Lindemans discusses her work on intestinal repair following injury caused by graft versus host disease. In her research, Dr. Lindemans utilized intestinal epithelial organoids to demonstrate the effects of IL-22 on the stem cell niche of intestinal crypts and its contribution to epithelial repair following injury.
In this episode of STEMCELL's Organoids Podcast we ask Dr. Lindemans:

  • “Why use organoids as a model system?”
  • “What were some challenges of co-culturing organoids with innate lymphoid cells?”
  • “How did you standardize the metrics, such as size, for assessing organoid cultures?”
  • “What are some advantages and disadvantages to using both animal models and organoid culture?”
Publish Date: May 15, 2017