"Adult Stem Cell-Based Organoids" Featuring Dr. Hans Clevers

On this episode of the Stem Cell Podcast, Dr. Hans Clevers discusses his pioneering research, Wnt signaling, Lrg5 stem cells, and generating intestinal organoids.

Dr. Hans Clevers is a Group Leader at the Hubrecht Institute for Developmental Biology and Stem Cell Research. Dr. Clevers pioneered research into the Wnt signaling cascade, Lgr5 as a marker of tissue stem cells, and organoid technology. His group studies the molecular mechanisms of tissue development and cancer of various organs using organoids made from adult Lgr5 stem cells.

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This Episode's Stem Cell Science Round Up:

  • Roadmap of Human Skeletal Muscle Development – An atlas has been created that tracks the development of human skeletal muscle from human muscle tissue and from pluripotent stem cell-derived myogenic cultures.
  • Gatekeeper of Hair-Growing Stem Cells – Researchers have identified two transcription factors responsible for maintaining the identity of hair follicle stem cells. Removing either factor resulted in degenerated hair follicles and scar tissue similar to skin in humans with irreversible alopecia.
  • Biosynthetic Capacity of Colon Cancer Cells – Protein synthesis has been shown to be a key property for the regenerative potential of colon cancer cells.
  • COVID Infection of Bat Intestinal Organoids – Scientists have generated the first bat small intestinal organoids, and showed that they were susceptible to SARS-CoV-2 infection.
  • Atlas of Human Enteroendocrine Cells – Dr. Hans Clevers summarizes his team’s latest paper describing an organoid-based platform for functional studies of human hormone-producing enteroendocrine cells.
Publish Date: December 03, 2020

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