Sample Request: STEMdiff™ Mesoderm Induction Medium

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STEMdiff™ Mesoderm Induction Medium (MIM) is a defined, xeno-free medium for generation of early mesoderm cells from human embryonic stem (ES) and induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells. Protocols for mesodermal differentiation can be difficult and inconsistent, request a sample of STEMdiff™ MIM and use the short and simple monolayer protocol to start off your differentiation by generating quality early mesoderm.

Advantages of STEMdiff™ MIM

Defined and xeno-free
Rapid induction of mesoderm after only 2 - 4 days of differentiation
Efficient and reproducible differentiation of multiple human ES and iPS cell lines
Generates early mesoderm cells that are capable of differentiation to multiple downstream cell types