Now Available! Isolate Untouched Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (pDCs) with EasySep™ Human pDC Enrichment Kit (Catalog #19062)

Now Available! Isolate Untouched Human Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells (pDCs) with EasySep™ Human pDC Enrichment Kit (Catalog #19062)

The fastest kit available for the isolation of highly purified untouched pDCs.

STEMCELL Technologies is delighted to announce the new release of , a new immunomagnetic, column-free method for the optimal recovery of purified human pDCs by negative selection.
Current methods for the isolation of pDCs require time-consuming flow cytometry sorting or selection of cells that pass through columns or tubing. These methods can result in low recovery of cells or mechanically disrupted cells that are not ideal for functional studies.

The new EasySep™ Human offers a quick and easy method to enrich unlabeled pDCs from PBMC by depletion of unwanted labeled cells. Enriched pDCs are immediately available for use in viral antigen uptake and processing studies1, T cell activation and cross priming experiments2-5, and innate and adaptive immunity research6-7.


Isolate pDCs 33% faster without columns or washes required.

Get purities up to 97% with high recovery.

Use cells immediately in downstream applications.
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