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Specialized cell culture & tissue culture media

Embryonic stem cells & induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells

Embryonic Stem Cells
Undifferentiated pluripotent stem cells have the potential for unlimited expansion with the retention of normal karyotype and the ability to generate cells of all three germ layers. Because of this ability, the use of human embryonic stem cells (ES cells) and human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) has been proposed in clinical applications, as systems for drug screening and toxicity and as a tool to study cellular and developmental biology. STEMCELL Technologies offers a range of highly specialized cell culture media optimized for reprogramming, culture, differentiation and cryopreservation of ES cells and iPS cells.
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Hematopoietic stem & progenitor cells

Hematopoietic Stem Cells
Hematopoietic cells, including hematopoietic stem cells, can be found in a variety of different tissues through development notably the bone marrow and, to a lesser extent, peripheral blood of adults and the umbilical cord blood earlier in development. Regardless of the location, hematopoietic cells consist of a hierarchy of cells. The hematopoietic stem cell (HSC) is able to differentiate into all terminally differentiated cells found in the blood. Hematopoietic progenitor cells have reduced differentiation and proliferative capacities. STEMCELL Technologies provides a wide variety of media to expand and detect hematopoietic progenitor cells including:
  • Serum-free hematopoietic expansion media
  • Methylcellulose-based media for colony-forming unit (CFU) assays
  • LTC-IC assays to quantitate primitive hematopoietic progenitors
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Mesenchymal stem cells

Mesenchymal Stem Cells
In culture, mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are defined as plastic-adherent, fibroblast-like cells which are able to self-renew and differentiate into bone, adipose and cartilage tissue. STEMCELL Technologies provides a range of products for the enrichment, quantification, expansion and differentiation of human and mouse mesenchymal stem cells.
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Neural stem & progenitor cells

Neural Stem Cells
Neural stem cells are defined as cells with the ability to proliferate, self-renew and produce a large number of functional progeny that can differentiate into neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes. STEMCELL Technologies provides a comprehensive range of products for the isolation, maintenance, quantification, expansion and differentiation of neural stem and progenitor cells.
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Neurons, the functional unit of the central nervous system, are responsible for forming connections and are the communicating cells of the nervous system. STEMCELL Technologies provides serum-free media, supplements and accessory products for the culture and characterization of primary neurons.
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Bronchial epithelial cells

Bronchial epithelial cells cultured at the air-liquid interface with PneumaCult™-ALI closely model the human bronchial epithelium
The human bronchial epithelium is a ciliated pseudostratified columnar epithelium comprising multiple cell types, including ciliated cells, goblet (mucus-secreting) cells and basal cells. When cultured as a submerged monolayer, bronchial epithelial cells fail to show significant mucociliary differentiation. The air-liquid interface (ALI) culture system has been shown to be a more physiologically relevant culture system because it results in bronchial epithelial cells acquiring a fully differentiated mucociliary phenotype which closely models the human airway. PneumaCult™-ALI is a defined, serum- and BPE-free medium optimized for differentiation of human bronchial epithelial cells cultured at the air-liquid interface.
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Mammary epithelial cells

Mammary Epithelial Cells
Mammary epithelial cells have been shown to consist of luminal and myoepithelial cells and more recently have been shown to contain stem and progenitor cells capable of replenishing the more differentiated cell types. STEMCELL Technologies offers a variety of specialized and defined media for culture of human and mouse mammary epithelial cells.  MammoCult™ is used for the culture of human mammary primary cells and cell lines as mammospheres and tumorspheres. EpiCult™-B cell culture media are used for culture, identification and enumeration of human and mouse mammary epithelial progenitors.
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Prostate epithelial cells

Prostate Epithelial Cells
There is evidence to suggest that the prostate epithelium is composed of a hierarchy of cells that spans from prostate stem cells to progenitor cells to terminally differentiated cell types. STEMCELL Technologies has developed ProstaCult Medium for the culture of mouse prostate epithelial cells in the prostate colony-forming cell assay (Pr-CFC).
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Featured Products

Catalog # 05850
Defined, Feeder-Free Maintenance Medium for Human ES and iPS Cells
Catalog # 05940
Feeder-Free, Xeno-Free Culture Medium for Maintenance of Human ES Cells and iPS Cells
Catalog # 04034
Methylcellulose-Based Medium with Recombinant Cytokines and EPO for Human Cells
Catalog # 05449
Defined, Animal Component-Free Culture Kit for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Catalog # 05711
Supplement for the Culture of Primary Neurons

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mTeSR™1 Complete Kit for hESC and hiPSC Maintenance
Top Seller
Defined, feeder-free maintenance medium for human ESCs and iPSCs 05850 500 mL Kit 272.00 USD
TeSR™-E8™ Kit for hESC/hiPSC Maintenance Feeder-free, low protein, culture medium for maintenance of human ES cells and iPS cells 05940 500 mL kit 199.00 USD
STEMvision™ Instrument Instrument designed for imaging and scoring of hematopoietic colonies in the colony-forming unit (CFU) assay using MethoCult™ media. 22000 1 Unit Request pricing
MethoCult™ H4034 Optimum
Recommended Product
Methylcellulose medium with recombinant cytokines and EPO for human cells 04034 100 mL 422.00 USD
TeSR™-E7™ Medium for Reprogramming
New Product
Feeder-free reprogramming medium for the generation of human iPS cells 05910 500 mL 195.00 USD
MethoCult™ H4434 Classic Methylcellulose medium with recombinant cytokines and EPO for human cells 04434 100 mL 422.00 USD
MethoCult™ H4034 Optimum
Recommended Product
Pre-aliquoted methylcellulose medium with recombinant cytokines and EPO for human cells 04044 24 x 3 mL 520.00 USD
MethoCult™ Express Methylcellulose medium for 7-day colony-forming unit assays of human hematopoietic cells, IVD 04437 100 mL 634.00 USD
TeSR™2 Xeno-free maintenance medium for human ES cells and iPS cells 05860 1 Kit 299.00 USD
MethoCult™ H4435 Enriched Methylcellulose medium with recombinant cytokines and EPO for human cells 04435 100 mL 540.00 USD

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  • Enhanced Chondrogenic Potential and Immunosuppressive Activity of Human Mesenchymal Progenitor Cells Cultured in a Novel Xeno-Free Culture Medium
  • Mammosphere Culture Supports Short But Not Long-Term Propagation of Human Mammary Epithelial Progenitors
  • Significantly greater numbers of neurons, neurite outgrowth and branch points in 21 day cultures of primary rat cortical neurons with NeuroCult™ Neuronal Media
  • Generation, Maintenance and Cryopreservation of Neural Progenitor Cells Derived from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Using the STEMdiff™ Neural System
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  • An Animal Component-Free Chondrogenic Stimulatory Medium for the Efficient Differentiation of Human Mesenchymal Progenitor cells
  • A novel animal component-free culture medium optimized for derivation and expansion of mesenchymal cells from bone marrow and adipose tissues
  • Scalable Enzyme-Free Passaging of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Cultured in mTeSR™1 or TeSR™-E8™ Without Scraping
  • Neural progenitor cells can be generated efficiently using STEMdiff™ Neural Induction Medium by either Embryoid body or Monolayer Culture Methods
  • Defined and Xeno-Free Medium for Reprogramming Blood-Derived CD34+ Cells or Erythroid Cells
  • Weekend-Free Protocol to Culture Human Pluripotent Stem Cells using mTeSR™1 or TeSR™-E8™
  • A novel animal component-free culture medium optimized for derivation and expansion of mesenchymal cells from bone marrow and adipose tissues
  • Scalable Passaging of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Cultured in Defined Media Using ReLeSR™
  • Defined, feeder-free human induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC) generation, selection and expansion from multiple somatic cell types without manual colony picking or scraping
  • PneumaCult™: An integrated culture medium system for in vitro human airway modeling
  • Reproducible and Efficient Differentiation of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells to Pancreatic Progenitors Using a Novel Serum-Free Medium
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  • Feeder-free Reprogramming of Somatic Cells to hiPSC using a Synthetic Self-Replicating RNA Vector System
  • Expansion of hPSCS as Aggregates in Suspension Bioreactors
  • High Viability and Recovery of Dissociated Pluripotent Stem Cells Cryopreserved in an Optimized Freezing Medium
  • Efficient Establishment and Long-Term Maintenance of 3D Mouse Intestinal Organoids Using a Novel Defined and SF Medium
  • Highly Efficient and Reproducible Differentiation of hPSCs to Pancreatic Progenitors Using a Novel Serum-Free Medium
  • Generation and Characterization of a Homogenous Population of Early Mesoderm Cells Using STEMdiff™ Mesoderm Induction Medium
  • PneumaCult™: An Integrated Culture Medium System for In Vitro Human Airway Modeling
  • Efficient Derivation of Mesenchymal-Like Cells from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells in Defined Culture Conditions
  • A Novel and Faster Culture System to Highly Enrich Mouse Mesenchymal Stem and Progenitor Cells Using MesenCult™ Proliferation Medium With MesenPure™
  • Highly Efficient and Reproducible Differentiation of hPSCs to PDX1+/NKX6.1+ Pancreatic Progenitors