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Get the most out of your stem cell research with our tried and tested hPSC workflow

If you’re doing hPSC-based research, the quality of your cells prior to gene editing or downstream differentiation can have significant implications for the validity of your work. Expand, maintain, and differentiate high-quality cells every step of the way with STEMCELL’s hPSC products, protocols, and STEMdiff™ differentiation kits. At the core of this workflow is the TeSR™ family of feeder-free media, produced using rigorously pre-screened materials to ensure the highest levels of batch-to-batch consistency and experimental reproducibility. Using this workflow you’ll be able to:

  • Reprogram urine-derived, blood-derived, or other somatic cells to induced pluripotent stem cells with high efficiency
  • Expand hPSCs while maintaining cell quality, minimizing spontaneous differentiation or stress
  • Maintain high-quality hPSCs in standardized media using only the essential components, or in enriched, more robust formulations
  • Differentiate hPSCs to a variety of downstream cell types—including neural, immune, and hematopoietic lineages—in 2D or 3D
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