Try PneumaCult™ Media for Respiratory Research

Immunostained airway organoids generated using PneumaCult™ culture media

Generate Physiologically Relevant Airway and Alveolar Cell Cultures Using PneumaCult™

Organoids and air-liquid interface (ALI) cultures hold great potential for respiratory research. By closely modeling the in vivo airway or the alveolar region, these culture systems enable researchers to study respiratory biology and disease in vitro. Achieving these physiologically relevant epithelial cell culture models requires careful consideration and optimization of culture conditions.

Model the in vivo respiratory system by using the PneumaCult™ cell culture media for the expansion and differentiation of human airway and alveolar epithelial cells. Using our robust and defined culture media and kits will allow you to:

  • Expand and differentiate human airway epithelial cells at the ALI, and generate cultures that retain key characteristics of the in vivo human airway, such as a pseudostratified (large airway) or cuboidal (small airway) mucociliary epithelium.
  • Achieve fully differentiated apical-in airway organoids that exhibit a centralized lumen surrounded by a polarized airway epithelial cell layer, or apical-out airway organoids that provide access to the apical side of the airway epithelium.
  • Obtain mature and fully differentiated organoids that model the alveolar physiology and recapitulate key features of in vivo alveolar epithelial type II (ATII) and alveolar epithelial type I (ATI) cells.
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