RoboSep™ Dos and Don'ts

RoboSep™ (Catalog #20000) - the Fully Automated Cell Separation Machine - is virtually maintenance free and very easy to use. However it is vital to keep in mind some key considerations in order to ensure that your isolations on the RoboSep™ run smoothly.

  • Do clean the RoboSep™ tip head regularly with RoboSep™ Tip Head Polishing Compound (Catalog #20119). Do not use Ethanol or Water. (For more details, please refer to this Technical Tip).
  • Do make sure that the white plastic tube on the end of the tip head is not damaged. If the white plastic tube at the end of the tip head is damaged NEVER cut it off, instead, contact STEMCELL Technologies for assistance.

  • (Tip Head with normal plastic tube end) (Tip Head with crushed/smashed plastic tube end)

  • Do ensure that the deionized (DI) water bottle is at least half full and securely connected to the hydraulic system tubing prior to starting your run.
  • Do check that a magnetic shield is installed between the magnet and the sample tube in each quadrant.

  • (Correct) (Incorrect)

  • Do ensure that an accurate sample volume is entered when prompted while starting a run.
  • Do make sure that all lids are removed from the tip box, buffer bottle, and reagent vials before starting the program. Also make sure that the tip boxes and tubes are fully inserted into their slots before starting the program.
  • Do use the basic Shutdown Protocol at the end of the day by pressing "Instrument Tasks" tab, followed by the "Maintenance" sub-tab, and selecting "Basic shutdown protocol". Do not simply press the ‘off’ button.

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  • For a more detailed overview on how to care for your RoboSep, please take a look at this video.
  • Do contact STEMCELL Technologies’ Technical Support ( if you have any problems or questions regarding RoboSep™.