Cleaning Your RoboSep™ Tip Head

RoboSep™ - the Fully Automated Cell Separator Machine - is virtually maintenance free, however it is vital to polish the tip head to ensure that the tips are stripped properly. The build-up of residual plastic from typical usage of the instrument can cause tip strip errors. Consequently, to prevent build up on the RoboSep™ tip head, polishing should be performed at least every 10 - 12 runs.

It is important to ONLY use the RoboSep™ Tip Head Polishing Compound (Catalog #20119). DO NOT use water or alcohol, as it will promote tip strip errors.

RoboSep™ Tip Head Cleaning Instructions:

(1) Apply 2 drops of RoboSep™ Tip Head Polishing Compound to a Kimwipe®.

(2) Clean the entire portion of the silver metal tip head using the Kimwipe®, using a downward motion.

(3) Wipe off any excess cleaner on the tip head using a new Kimwipe®.

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