Acquiring DNA or RNA from Positively Selected Cells

Immunomagnetic cell isolation

Cells positively selected with the EasySep™ system do not interfere with most downstream applications. However, in some instances, removing EasySep™ magnetic particles from the positively selected cells before DNA or RNA isolation may improve the DNA/RNA yield.

To remove EasySep™ magnetic particles:

  • Perform cell lysis using a lysis buffer in your DNA/RNA kit.
  • Centrifuge the lysate in a mirocentrifuge tube at maximum speed for 3 minutes. This will pellet cellular debris and magnetic particles, and the lysate will remain in the supernatant.
  • Carefully collect the supernatant while avoiding the pellet.
  • Proceed with the DNA/RNA extraction procedure.

Note: Centrifugation is the preferred method, because the lysate can become sticky after the addition of the lysis buffer.

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