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We’re Putting Ourselves Up for Peer Review.

We say we’re Scientists Helping Scientists, but we wouldn’t ask you to believe it just because we say so. See for yourself. We’re putting ourselves up for peer review, and we need you—an objective, skeptical and curious scientist—to review us.


If you’re chosen, we’ll fly you to our headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, where you will meet our team, see our facilities and experience our way of being. We need you to ask pointed questions and determine whether we are who we say we are.

What’s in it for you?

  • Enjoy a round-trip flight and a five-night stay in Vancouver.
  • Experience a behind-the-scenes look at STEMCELL Technologies.
  • Join an exclusive peer review committee.
  • Participate in a unique documentary film featuring the experiences of the peer review committee.
  • Showcase your research and share your passion for science.
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