1. Writing my thesis T-shirt

    Writing up my thesis!
    Catalog # SW1028L, SW1028M, SW1028S, SW1028XL
  2. Won't go astray T-shirt

    For fans of Oscar Wilde!
    Catalog # SW1049L, SW1049M, SW1049S, SW1049XL
  3. Women in Science T-shirt

    Women in science are smarter!
    Catalog # SW1024L, SW1024M, SW1024S
  4. We have patented..T-shirt

    Submitting a patent? Then this shirt is for you!
    Catalog # SW1073L, SW1073M, SW1073S, SW1073XL
  5. We've made it T-shirt

    For all the researchers that have made it!
    Catalog # SW1048L, SW1048M, SW1048S, SW1048XL
  6. Wasting my time making money T-shirt

    For the time sensitive researcher!
    Catalog # SW1042L, SW1042M, SW1042S, SW1042XL
  7. Translational research T-shirt

    Translating I love you can be fun!
    Catalog # SW1041L, SW1041M, SW1041S, SW1041XL
  8. Tragedy of Science T-shirt

    For those who know the tragedy of science!
    Catalog # SW1054L, SW1054M, SW1054S, SW1054XL
  9. Things that begin with S T-shirt

    For all the good things in life that begin with "S"
    Catalog # SW1040L, SW1040M, SW1040S, SW1040XL
  10. The reviews are back T-shirt

    The reviews are back!
    Catalog # SW1031L, SW1031M, SW1031S, SW1031XL
  11. The grateful grad T-shirt

    For the grateful grad tour!
    Catalog # SW1035L, SW1035M, SW1035S, SW1035XL
  12. The biotech thrill T-shirt

    Road show or road kill?
    Catalog # SW1064L, SW1064M, SW1064S, SW1064XL