Cultureware and General Supplies

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  1. Cell Culture Flask, 150 cm²|38072
    Cell Culture Flask
    Tissue culture-treated cell culture flask with vent cap; T-150 and T-175 cm² formats
  2. Cell Lifter|38067
    Cell Lifter
    Sterile, individually wrapped, high-density polyethylene cell lifters
  3. CellSTACK®, 2 Chambers|38075
    Polystyrene CellSTACK® with vent caps; 1-, 2-, or 5-chamber format
  4. Cell Scraper, Small|38065
    Cell Scraper
    Sterile cell scraper with non-pyrogenic, low-density polyethylene blade; small and large formats
  5. Cell Spreader, T Form
    Cell Spreader
    T-shaped cell spreader
  6. 60 mm Gridded Scoring Dish
    Corning® 60 mm Gridded Scoring Dish
    Sterile, flat-bottom, tissue culture-treated 60 mm gridded scoring dish with lid
  7. Corning® 96-Well Half-Area High-Content Imaging Microplate
    Corning® 96-Well Half-Area High-Content Imaging Microplate
    Sterile COC film bottom, tissue culture-treated multiwell plate with lid
  8. Corning® 96-Well High-Binding Flat-Bottom Microplates
    Corning® 96-Well High-Binding Flat-Bottom Microplate
    Clear polystyrene flat-bottom, high-binding microplate without lid
  9. Corning® 96-Well Round-Bottom Microplate
    Corning® 96-Well Round-Bottom Microplate
    Clear polystyrene round-bottom untreated microplate with lid
  10. Bottle Top Filter, 45 mm
    Corning® Bottle Top Filter
    Bottle top vacuum filter; formatted for 150 mL, 45 mm diameter bottle necks
  11. Cryogenic Vial Cap Inserts, Assorted Colors|38081
    Corning® Cryogenic Vial Cap Inserts
    Colored cryogenic vial cap inserts in white, blue, red, green, and yellow for sample color-coding
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Products 25 to 36 of 81 total

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