Cell Culture Media and Supplements

  1. MethoCult™ H4034 Optimum Featured

    Methylcellulose-based medium with recombinant cytokines for human cells
    Catalog # 04034, 04044
  2. BrainPhys™ Neuronal Medium Featured

    Serum-free neurophysiological basal medium for improved neuronal function
    Catalog # 05790, 05792, 05793
  3. IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse) Featured

    Cell culture medium for establishment and maintenance of mouse intestinal organoids
    Catalog # 06005
  4. MesenCult™-ACF Culture Kit Featured

    Defined, animal component-free culture kit for human mesenchymal stem cells
    Catalog # 05449
  5. ImmunoCult™ Human CD3/CD28/CD2 T Cell Activator Featured

    Human T cell activation and expansion reagent
    Catalog # 10970, 10990
  6. MesenCult™ Expansion Kit (Mouse) New

    For the culture of mouse MSCs and MEFs
    Catalog # 05513
  7. STEMdiff™ SMADi Neural Induction Kit New

    Serum-free medium kit for highly efficient SMAD inhibition-mediated neural induction of human ES and iPS cells
    Catalog # 08581, 08582
  8. 10% Bovine Serum Albumin in Iscove's MDM

    10% BSA in Iscove's MDM
    Catalog # 09300
  9. Agar Leukocyte Conditioned Medium

    Source of colony-stimulating factors for assays of human hematopoietic progenitor cells
    Catalog # 02300
  10. AggreWell™ EB Formation Medium

    Defined, serum-free medium for generation and culture of embryoid bodies using AggreWell™ plates
    Catalog # 05893
  11. Alpha MEM with Nucleosides

    Minimum Essential Medium Eagle - alpha modification (Alpha MEM) with nucleosides
    Catalog # 36450
  12. Alpha MEM without Nucleosides

    Minimum Essential Medium Eagle - alpha modification (Alpha MEM) without nucleosides
    Catalog # 36453
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