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Intestinal Organoid Training

Online and in-person training courses to support the culture of intestinal organoids

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Intestinal Organoid Virtual Training

Available on-demand. Customers will receive access to online materials and the Intestinal Organoid Starter Kit within one week of registration.

Registration/Cancellation Deadline 01/01/2019
Catalog #00261
750 USD


Intestinal Organoid In-Person Training

Course will be held in Vancouver, Canada. Be the first to know about the next available session.

Catalog #00262
1,499 USD

Gain hands-on experience with deriving and maintaining human pluripotent stem cells and differentiating them towards intestinal organoids. Learn More.

Course Overview

Virtual Training (00261) Details

Stem Cell Biology; Drug Discovery and Toxicity Testing; Epithelial Cell Biology
Intestinal Cells

Learn to culture mouse intestinal organoids in a defined and serum-free medium from the convenience of your own lab. Gain access to lectures and step-by-step procedural videos where our scientists demonstrate the entire protocol for growing mouse intestinal organoids. Registration includes an Intestinal Organoid Starter Kit containing cryopreserved mouse intestinal organoids and reagents to maintain and passage your organoids.

Participants Receive

      • Session 1:
        • Thaw cryopreserved intestinal organoids and culture in IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse)
        • Observe organoid morphology in culture after 3 hours, 1 day and 2 days
      • Session 2:
        • Observe time course of organoid morphology in culture and discuss long-term maintenance
      • Session 3:
        • Evaluate optimal organoid morphology for passaging and cryopreservation
        • Passage mouse intestinal organoids and discuss cryopreservation
      • Session 4:
        • Lectures delivered by Senior Scientist and Intestinal Team Lead, Dr. Ryan Conder:
      • Lecture Topics:
        • Introduction to Intestinal Organoid Culture
        • Functional Applications of Intestinal Organoid Culture



    Dr. Ryan Conder
    Dr. Ryan Conder
    Senior Scientist and Team Lead of the Intestinal Group
    STEMCELL Technologies

    Dr. Ryan Conder is a Senior Scientist and Team Lead of the Intestinal Group in the Research and Development Department at STEMCELL Technologies. His group is responsible for products relating to 3D intestinal organoid culture, including IntestiCult™ Organoid Growth Medium (Mouse). Prior to Joining STEMCELL Technologies in 2012, Dr. Conder investigated the mechanisms regulating proliferation and differentiation of adult intestinal stem cells in the group of Dr. Juergen Knoblich at the Institute for Molecular Biotechnology of the Austrian Academy of Sciences. He is also a principle investigator on the Horizon 2020 European Research Council INTENS project.

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