1. COVID Convalescent Plasma, Frozen New

    COVID-19 convalescent primary human plasma collected from whole blood from recovered donors, frozen
    Catalog # 200-0128
  2. COVID Convalescent Whole Blood, Fresh New

    COVID-19 convalescent primary human whole blood collected from recovered donors, fresh
    Catalog # 200-0129, 200-0140, 200-0141
  3. CellAdhereᵀᴹ Collagen I-Coated Flask New

    Sterile polystyrene, collagen I-coated flask with vent cap; T-25, T-75, T-225 cm² formats
    Catalog # 100-0348, 100-0349, 100-0361
  4. CellAdhereᵀᴹ Collagen I-Coated Plate New

    Sterile flat-bottom, tissue culture-treated, collagen I-coated multiwell plate with lid; 6-, 12-, 24-, 48-, 96-well formats
    Catalog # 100-0362, 100-0363, 100-0364, 100-0365, 100-0366
  5. Corning® 96-Well Half-Area High-Content Imaging Microplate New

    Sterile COC film bottom, tissue culture-treated multiwell plate with lid
    Catalog # 100-0367
  6. StemSpan™-ACF Without Phenol Red New

    cGMP medium, for culture and expansion of human hematopoietic cells
    Catalog # 100-0130
  7. StemSpan™-ACF Erythroid Expansion Medium New

    Animal component-free medium for culture and expansion of human erythroid cells
    Catalog # 09860
  8. EasySep™ Release Human PSC-Derived Neural Crest Cell Positive Selection Kit New

    Immunomagnetic positive selection kit using particle release technology
    Catalog # 100-0047
  9. HTS Transwell®-96, 0.4 µm Pore Polyester Membrane Inserts New

    96-well polystyrene plates with two lids and polyester membrane inserts
    Catalog # 100-0419
  10. EasySep™ Human Plasmacytoid DC Isolation Kit New

    Immunomagnetic negative selection kit
    Catalog # 17977, 17977RF
  11. ImmunoCult™-ACF Human B Cell Expansion Supplement New

    Serum-free and animal component-free culture supplement for expansion of human B cells
    Catalog # 10974
  12. PneumaCult™ Airway Organoid Kit New

    Serum- and BPE-free medium for efficient establishment and differentiation of airway organoids
    Catalog # 05060