1. Axygen® AxyMats™ 96-Round-Well Sealing Mat for PCR Microplate

    Research-grade silicone mat for sealing 96-round-well PCR microplates
    Catalog # 38107
  2. Axygen® Sealing Film for Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

    Non-sterile, ultra-clear, pressure-sensitive sealing film for quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
    Catalog # 38108
  3. Axygen® PCR Tube Storage Rack with Lid, Spectrum Pack

    Polypropylene rack in assorted fluorescent colors with clear polycarbonate lids for storage of PCR tubes
    Catalog # 38109
  4. STEMscript™ cDNA Synthesis Kits

    For reverse transcription of RNA before qPCR or RNA sequencing
    Catalog # 79003, 79004
  5. STEMtaq™ DNA Polymerase Master Mix Kit

    DNA polymerase master mix and nuclease-free water for PCR reactions
    Catalog # 79009, 79009.1
  6. STEMtaq™ Hot Start DNA Polymerase Master Mix Kit

    Hot Start DNA polymerase master mix and nuclease-free water for PCR reactions at room temperature
    Catalog # 79013, 79013.1
  7. Proteinase K Solution

    For removing nucleases from DNA/RNA samples and terminating enzymatic reactions
    Catalog # 79016
  8. DNA Ladder & Loading Dye

    For size determination and tracking of double-stranded DNA products by gel electrophoresis
    Catalog # 79017, 79018
  9. Nuclease-Free Water

    DNase- and RNase-free water for molecular biology applications
    Catalog # 79001, 79002, 79002.1
  10. NeuroCult™ SM1 Without Antioxidants

    Serum-free neural supplement without antioxidants
    Catalog # 05732
  11. NeuroCult™ SM1 Without Insulin

    Serum-free neural supplement without insulin
    Catalog # 05733
  12. EasySep™ APC Positive Selection Kit II

    Immunomagnetic positive selection cell isolation kit
    Catalog # 17681, 17681RF