1. Axygen® PCR Strip Tubes New

    Non-sterile, clear, polypropylene PCR strip tubes
    Catalog # 38094, 100-0077
  2. Axygen® Sealing Film for Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR) New

    Non-sterile, ultra-clear, pressure-sensitive sealing film for quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
    Catalog # 38108, 100-0078
  3. 245 mm Square Dish, Tissue Culture-Treated New

    Sterile clear polystyrene tissue culture-treated dish with lid
    Catalog # 38039, 100-0084
  4. Falcon® Round-Bottom Tubes with Cell Strainer Cap, 5 mL New

    Sterile, polystyrene, round-bottom tube with nylon mesh cell strainer snap cap
    Catalog # 38030, 100-0087
  5. Falcon® Conical Tubes, 50 mL New

    Sterile polypropylene conical tubes
    Catalog # 38010, 100-0090
  6. Corning® Cryogenic Vials with Orange Caps New

    Sterile, self-standing, round-bottom, internally threaded, polypropylene cryogenic vial with cap
    Catalog # 38053, 100-0091
  7. Falcon® Conical Tubes, 15 mL New

    Sterile polypropylene conical tubes
    Catalog # 38009, 100-0092
  8. STEMdiff™ Forebrain Neuron Differentiation Kit New

    Differentiation kit for the generation of neuronal precursors from human ES and iPS cell-derived neural progenitor cells
    Catalog # 08600
  9. STEMdiff™ Forebrain Neuron Maturation Kit New

    Maturation kit for generation of functional neurons from human ES and iPS cell-derived neuronal precursor cells
    Catalog # 08605
  10. EasySep™ Mouse CD45 Positive Selection Kit New

    Immunomagnetic positive selection kit
    Catalog # 18945
  11. Genomic DNA Purification Kit New

    For purification of genomic DNA from cells or tissue
    Catalog # 79020
  12. Gel and PCR Clean-up Kit New

    For extraction of DNA from agarose gels, or clean-up of PCR products and restriction enzyme digestions
    Catalog # 79030