1. Minocycline (Hydrochloride Hydrate)

    Minocycline New

    Antibiotic with anti-inflammatory and neuroprotective properties
    Catalog # 74112, 74114
  2. HPI-1 (Hydrate)

    HPI-1 New

    Hedgehog pathway inhibitor
    Catalog # 72492, 72494
  3. Anti-Human CD45 Antibody, Clone HI30, APC

    Anti-Human CD45 Antibody, Clone HI30 New

    Mouse monoclonal IgG1 antibody against human, chimpanzee CD45
    Catalog # 60018, 60018AD, 60018AD.1, 60018AZ, 60018AZ.1, 60018BT, 60018BT.1, 60018FI, 60018FI.1, 60018PE, 60018PE.1, 60018PS, 60018PS.1, 60018PB, 60018PB.1, 60018PB.2, 100-0466, 100-0467
  4. Anti-Mouse CD45R Antibody, Clone RA3-6B2, APC

    Anti-Mouse CD45R (B220) Antibody, Clone RA3-6B2 New

    Rat monoclonal IgG2a antibody against human, mouse, cat CD45R (B220)
    Catalog # 60019, 60019AD, 60019AD.1, 60019AZ, 60019AZ.1, 60019BT, 60019FI, 60019PS, 60019PS.1, 60019PB, 60019PB.1, 100-0420, 100-0421, 100-0422, 100-0423, 100-0424, 100-0425
  5. Anti-Mouse CD11b Antibody, Clone M1/70, APC

    Anti-Mouse CD11b Antibody, Clone M1/70 New

    Rat monoclonal IgG2b antibody against human, mouse, rhesus CD11b
    Catalog # 60001AD, 60001AD.1, 60001AZ, 60001AZ.1, 60001BT, 60001FI, 60001PS, 60001PS.1, 60001PB, 60001PB.1, 100-0433, 100-0434, 100-0435, 100-0436, 100-0437, 100-0438, 100-0439
  6. Anti-Human CD2 Antibody, Clone RPA-2.10, APC

    Anti-Human CD2 Antibody, Clone RPA-2.10 New

    Mouse monoclonal IgG1 antibody against human, rhesus, cynomolgus CD2
    Catalog # 60007, 60007AZ, 60007AZ.1, 60007BT, 60007BT.1, 60007FI, 60007PE, 60007PE.1, 100-0426, 100-0427, 100-0428, 100-0429, 100-0430, 100-0431, 100-0432
  7. Anti-Human CD3 Antibody, Clone UCHT1, APC

    Anti-Human CD3 Antibody, Clone UCHT1 New

    Mouse (BALB/c) monoclonal IgG1 antibody against human, chimpanzee CD3
    Catalog # 60011, 60011AD, 60011AZ, 60011AZ.1, 60011BT, 60011BT.1, 60011FI, 60011FI.1, 60011PE, 60011PE.1, 60011PR, 60011PR.1, 60011PS, 60011PS.1, 100-0447, 100-0448, 100-0449
  8. EasySep™ Non-Human Primate B Cell Isolation Kit

    EasySep™ Non-Human Primate B Cell Isolation Kit New

    Immunomagnetic negative selection kit
    Catalog # 100-0345, 100-0347
  9. BrainPhys™ Imaging Optimized Medium

    BrainPhys™ Imaging Optimized Medium

    Serum-free neurophysiological basal medium for improved neuronal live imaging and function
    Catalog # 05796
  10. Axygen® 0.2 mL PCR Strip Tubes, 8 Tubes/Strip

    Axygen® PCR Strip Tubes

    Non-sterile, clear, polypropylene PCR strip tubes
    Catalog # 38094, 100-0077
  11. Axygen® Sealing Film for Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

    Axygen® Sealing Film for Quantitative Real-Time PCR (qPCR)

    Non-sterile, ultra-clear, pressure-sensitive sealing film for quantitative real-time PCR (qPCR)
    Catalog # 38108, 100-0078
  12. 500 cm² Square Dish, TC-Treated

    245 mm Square Dish, Tissue Culture-Treated

    Sterile clear polystyrene tissue culture-treated dish with lid
    Catalog # 38039, 100-0084