1. StemSpan™-XF New

    Xeno-free and serum-free medium for culture and expansion of human hematopoietic cells
    Catalog # 100-0073
  2. STEMdiff™ Endothelial Differentiation Kit New

    Efficient differentiation of human pluirpotent stem cells to endothelial cells
    Catalog # 08005
  3. STEMdiff™ Endothelial Expansion Medium Kit New

    Expand human pluripotent stem cell-derived endothelial cells
    Catalog # 08007
  4. CryoStor® CSB New

    Animal component-free and protein-free cryopreservation formulation
    Catalog # 100-0237, 100-0238, 100-0239
  5. STEMdiff™ Microglia Differentiation Kit New

    Differentiation kit for the generation of microglia precursors from human ES and iPS cell-derived hematopoietic progenitor cells
    Catalog # 100-0019
  6. STEMdiff™ Microglia Maturation Kit New

    Maturation kit for the generation of microglia from human ES and iPS cell-derived microglia precursors
    Catalog # 100-0020
  7. EasySep™ Release Human CD45 Positive Selection Kit New

    Immunomagnetic positive selection kit using particle release technology
    Catalog # 100-0105, 100-0107, 100-0108, 100-0109
  8. STEMdiff™ Kidney Organoid Kit New

    Serum-free medium kit for the culture of kidney organoids from hPSCs
    Catalog # 05160
  9. LRS Cone New

    The Leukocyte Reduction System (LRS) cone is a source of primary human leukocytes.
    Catalog # 200-0093
  10. EasySep™ Human CD4+CD127lowCD25+ Regulatory T Cell Isolation Kit New

    Immunomagnetic cell isolation kit using particle release technology
    Catalog # 18063, 18063RF
  11. Eltrombopag

    Thrombopoietin receptor agonist
    Catalog # 100-0250, 100-0251
  12. (Z)-Guggulsterone

    Retinoic acid receptor (RAR) pathway inhibitor; Inhibits farnesoid X receptor (FXR)
    Catalog # 100-0252, 100-0253