For the identification, evaluation and isolation of stem and progenitor cells expressing high levels of ALDH
    Catalog # 01700, 01705
  2. NeuroFluor™ CDr3

    Membrane-permeable fluorescent probe for the detection of neural progenitor cells
    Catalog # 01800
  3. ALDEFLUOR™ Assay Buffer

    Assay buffer for labeling with the ALDEFLUOR™ kit
    Catalog # 01701, 01702
  4. MethoCult™ GF R3774

    Methylcellulose-based medium with recombinant cytokines (without erythropoietin [EPO]) for rat cells
    Catalog # 03774
  5. ClonaCell™-HY Hybridoma Kit

    Complete kit for hybridoma generation
    Catalog # 03800, 03801, 03802, 03803, 03804, 03805, 03806
  6. MethoCult™ SF M3436

    Serum-free methylcellulose-based medium with recombinant cytokines (including EPO) for mouse erythroid progenitor cells
    Catalog # 03436
  7. ClonaCell™-HY Medium D

    Semi-solid methylcellulose-based medium for hybridoma selection and cloning, with HAT (serum-containing)
    Catalog # 03804
  8. ClonaCell™-HY Medium D without HAT

    Semi-solid methylcellulose-based medium for hybridoma selection and cloning, without HAT (serum-containing)
    Catalog # 03810
  9. Collagen Solution

    For preparation of collagen gels and for coating cell culture surfaces
    Catalog # 04902
  10. NeuroCult™ Differentiation Supplement (Mouse & Rat)

    Supplement for differentiation of mouse and rat neural stem and progenitor cells
    Catalog # 05703
  11. NeuroCult™ Enzymatic Dissociation Kit for Adult CNS Tissue (Mouse and Rat)

    Kit for enzymatic dissociation of adult mouse and rat CNS tissue
    Catalog # 05715
  12. NeuroCult™ SM1 Without Vitamin A

    Serum-free neural supplement without vitamin A
    Catalog # 05731