DNase I

For digestion of DNA
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For digestion of DNA
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Deoxyribonuclease I (DNase I) is an endonuclease consisting of a single glycosylated polypeptide chain with two disulfide bonds. DNase is often included in tissue dissociation protocols to digest DNA that has leaked into the dissociation medium as a result of cell damage. DNase I preferentially cleaves phosphodiester linkages adjacent to pyrimidine nucleotides in both single- and double-stranded DNA, yielding polynucleotides with 5’-phosphate and 3’-hydroxyl groups (Bernardi et al.). DNase I has been used for the digestion of human tissues such as microglia (Klegeris & McGeer), cartilage (Dunham & Koch), colon (Fukushima & Fiocchi), epithelium (Fukushima & Fiocchi), liver (Vatakis et al.), lung (Fujino et al.), neural (Fuja et al.), and stem cells (Kusuma et al.).
Alternative Names
DNA endonuclease; DNA nuclease; Deoxyribonucleic phosphatase; Pancreatic DNase; Thymonuclease
Cell Type
B Cells, Endothelial Colony Forming Cells (ECFCs), Neurons, Osteoblasts, T Cells
Human, Mouse, Rat, Non-Human Primate, Other
Area of Interest
Cancer Research, Endothelial Cell Biology, Epithelial Cell Biology, Immunology, Neuroscience, Stem Cell Biology
Molecular Weight
29.1 kDa

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