Hybridoma Production

Stable hybridomas producing monoclonal antibodies are selected and cloned. See MoreSelection is typically achieved by culturing the fused cell population in medium containing hypoxanthine-aminopterin-thymidine (HAT). Only viable hybridomas survive in the HAT-containing medium since they have inherited immortality from the myeloma cell and resistance to selection from the B cell. Successful fusions produce viable hybrids that will retain a functional antibody-producing chromosome through multiple cell culture passages. The ClonaCell™-HY method combines HAT selection and cloning by culturing the fused cells in semi-solid medium. To support semi-solid and limiting dilution workflows, options are available for semi-solid medium containing HAT, semi-solid medium without HAT, and liquid medium containing HAT.

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  • Puromycin (Dihydrochloride)


    Antibiotic; Protein synthesis inhibitor
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    Antibiotic for selecting transfected mammalian cells

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