B Cell Research

Highly purified, functional B cells can be isolated in as little as 9 minutes from virtually any source (e.g. whole blood, leukapheresis products, peripheral blood mononuclear cells and spleen) using STEMCELL Technologies’ column-free cell separation platforms. See MoreIsolated cells are immediately ready for downstream applications, including studies on B cell development, signaling, proliferation and differentiation as well as immunoglobulin class switching, somatic hypermutation and gene expression.

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  • CryoStor® CS10|07930

    CryoStor® CS10

    Animal component-free, defined cryopreservation medium with 10% DMSO
  • CryoStor® CSB

    CryoStor® CSB

    Animal component-free and protein-free cryopreservation formulation

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