Pushing the Conversation in Science

I want STEMCELL to start finding its voice in trying to push science in particular directions and to raise the standard of discourse or to facilitate more conversations about the way that science is done.

Dr. Craig Ayre, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (podcast interview)

A peer reviewer speaking to STEMCELL employees

The scientific landscape is constantly changing, making it challenging for scientists to keep up. In addition to technical concerns, like experimental reproducibility or the complexity and physiological relevance of experimental models, there are also barriers within the research culture that can hinder scientific progress such as time demands, politics and policies, funding constraints and more. Three scientists peer reviewed us and wanted to see us push the conversation to highlight and help overcome these challenges.

STEMCELL sees all of it [the exciting science and its challenges] because they support so many different research teams. They know the cool science that’s going on and they have the corporate culture that’s designed to support it.

Dr. Craig Ayre, Atlantic Cancer Research Institute (podcast interview)

As scientists ourselves, our primary goal is to further scientific progress. We are answering the reviewers' request by shining the light on some specific challenges and potential pitfalls that need more awareness, discussion and debate.

Join us as we highlight some current challenges and conversations in scientific research.

Pluripotent stem cells

Quality of Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

Are your pluripotent stem cells what you think they are? With the first clinical trials involving hPSCs underway, assurance of culture quality is more critical than ever. Cell biologists should have confidence in the quality of their work.

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Lab bench

Demands of Scientific Research

Science is demanding. Long hours and fierce competition can leave scientists feeling overwhelmed. Scientists need to adopt a “work smarter, not harder” mentality to overcome the increasing demands of research.

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Complexity of Organoid Research

Organoids are complex—but it is exactly this complexity that can provide scientists with more detailed views of both healthy and diseased tissues in vitro. Complex model systems don’t have to be complicated to use.

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Conversations with Experts

Knowledge is built on conversations. How do you stay connected and current? Listen to conversations with field experts as they discuss the latest in stem cell science. Get career insights, mentorship moments, policy commentaries and more on the Stem Cell Podcast.

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Looking to the future, we are striving to foster dialogue and transparency on other issues plaguing scientific progress. To that end, we are reaching out to you to ask what technical or cultural challenges your research faces, what thoughts you have about the direction that science is taking, and how you would like to see scientific research supported. Our aim is to spread awareness of these ongoing challenges and to work with the scientific community to overcome them and move forward. It all starts with a conversation.

The scientists who peer reviewed STEMCELL Technologies

The Peer Review

Find out more about the peer review initiative that encouraged us to push the conversation for the sake of scientific progress.

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