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Innovative Tools for Cancer Research

Cancer research is a complex, multifaceted field of research. A range of tools and reagents are needed to support researchers as they work towards finding answers to numerous questions about the disease.

At STEMCELL™ Technologies, we support your basic and translational cancer research by providing tools and reagents for many cancer types. Isolate rare cells using EasySep™; culture cancer cells in specialized and serum-free media; detect cancer stem cells using ALDEFLUOR™; generate large numbers of uniform 3D tumor spheroids using AggreWell™; or enhance your immunotherapy research with a complete workflow for T Cell Engineering.

Cancer Stem Cells

Elevated Aldefluor Dehydrogenase (ALDH) activity has been shown to be a useful marker for cancer cells with stem-like properties in a large variety of tissues. ALDEFLUOR™ is a non-immunological fluorescent reagent system that enables identification, enumeration and isolation of viable cells based on intracellular ALDH activity, rather than on cell surface phenotype.

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Cancer Spheroids

Cancer spheroids are an emerging tool in cancer research, used to model the 3D tumor in vitro. Spheroids can be used in many applications, including drug screening, toxicity testing and 3D tissue generation. AggreWell™ plates contain microwells, and provide a simple method to easily generate high yields of uniform spheroids.

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Organoids are increasingly being used to model cancers through the use of tumor organoids derived from cancerous tissues. These cultures are now being used in early studies to demonstrate patient outcomes in response to treatment and “living-biobanks” of tumor organoids are being developed to study outcomes associated with specific tumor subtypes.

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Specialized Cell Culture Media

We provide speciality cell culture media that are optimized for various cell types. These media can be used to culture both normal and malignant cells.

T Cell Therapy

Take your T cell immunotherapy research from bench to bedside! STEMCELL Technologies has entered a collaboration with GE Healthcare aiming to develop cGMP-grade T cell isolation, activation and expansion reagents for commercial-scale cell therapy production. Perform your preclinical research and optimize your protocols with the currently available research use only (RUO) versions.

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Cell Isolation

Cancer cells are challenging to isolate. Our innovative cell isolation products provide a simple, fast and effective method of isolating rare cell types with high purity and recovery. The RosetteSep™, EasySep™ and RoboSep™ cell isolation platforms are suitable for the enrichment of:

  • Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) from whole blood and PBMCs
  • Multiple myeloma cells from bone marrow or whole blood
  • Untouched B cells from whole blood CLL samples