How to Transition Human Pluripotent Stem Cells into mTeSR™ Plus from Other Feeder-Free Media

In this series of three Technical Videos, we will guide you through the protocol for transitioning human pluripotent stem cells (or hPSCs) cultured in feeder-free media, such as mTeSR™1 into mTeSR™ Plus.

This series of technical videos will help ensure a successful transition of your hPSC lines into mTeSR™ Plus. We will use mTeSR™1 cultures transitioning to mTeSR™ Plus as an example for this video. If other feeder-free media are being used, some alterations to this protocol may be necessary.

Video 1: Plate Coating
Video 2: Generation of Cell Aggregates/Passaging
Video 3: Maintenance & Morphological Assessment

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View a written protocol on how to transition hPSCs from feeder-free media to mTeSR™ Plus.
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