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Live Webinar: Improving Genome Editing with Enhanced CRISPR-Cas Nucleases

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3D rendering of CRISPR-Cas9 and guide RNA interacting with DNA.
Join our live webinar with Dr. Benjamin Kleinstiver to learn more about his efforts to engineer enhanced CRISPR-Cas nucleases to improve genome editing specificity.

Benjamin Kleinstiver, PhD
Assistant Investigator, Center for Genomic Medicine and Department of Pathology, Massachusetts General Hospital
Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology, Harvard Medical School
Live Webinar: Improving Genome Editing with Enhanced CRISPR-Cas Nucleases

Wednesday April 24, 2019 - 10 a.m. PST | 1 p.m. EST | 5 p.m. UTC

If you are unable to attend the live webinar, please register and a link will be sent to you with the recorded version.

  • Properties of CRISPR-Cas enzymes, including: activity, targeting range, and specificity
  • Protein engineering techniques to improve the inherent properties of Cas9 and Cas12a enzymes
  • Improvement of genome editing efficiency in human primary T cells using enhanced Cas12a nucleases
Ben Kleinstiver is a biochemist and genome editor whose interests include translating technologies into molecular medicines. He received his PhD in Biochemistry from the University of Western Ontario and completed his postdoctoral studies at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) and Harvard Medical School (HMS). Within the Center for Genomic Medicine at MGH, the Kleinstiver laboratory seeks to address limitations of CRISPR genome editing technologies while solving important research questions at the forefront of the genome editing field.