Sample Request: RSeT™ Medium for Naïve-Like Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

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RSeT™ is a feeder-dependent, defined medium that reverts primed human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) and maintains cells in a naïve-like state. Developed under license from the Weizmann Institute of Science1, this improved medium does not contain bFGF or TGFβ. With pre-screened quality components that ensure batch-to-batch consistency, RSeT™ produces robust cultures with phenotypes characteristic of naïve-like stem cells and markers associated with undifferentiated cells.


EASY-TO-USE - Passage as single cells while maintaining normal karyotype.
NAÏVE-LIKE - Maintains pluripotency without inclusion of bFGF or TGFβ.
CONSISTENT - Defined medium contains pre-screened quality components.
TRANSGENE-FREE - No exogenous genes required for reversion to naïve-like state.

1. Gafni O et al. (2013) Nature 504(7479): 282–6