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Sample Request: ClonaCell™ FLEX

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ClonaCell™ FLEX is a base methylcellulose medium that is combined with a 2X concentrate of the user’s own liquid medium to create a custom semi-solid cloning medium. This allows the user to adapt an existing liquid cloning method to a customized semi-solid cloning method. ClonaCell™ FLEX is recommended for selection and cloning of suspension-adapted mammalian cells, including CHO cells and hybridomas. The medium is chemically defined, protein-free and animal component-free. It does not contain L-glutamine or selection agents. The medium is compatible with a wide range of selection systems, including dihydrofolate reductase (DHFR), glutamine synthase (GS) and hypoxanthine-aminopterin-thymidine (HAT).

Benefits of semi-solid cloning:
  • During semi-solid cloning, individual cells are suspended in viscous medium, which physically separates them and allows them to grow into discrete colonies that can be easily isolated.
  • With semi-solid cloning, monoclonal cell lines can be isolated in less time and using fewer resources than with limiting dilution cloning.
  • It is easy to isolate rare, high-producing clones, compared with selection in bulk liquid medium. This is because diverse clones with a wide range of growth rates and productivities form discrete colonies.