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eProcurement for labs involves using digital platforms and technology to automate and simplify the purchase of lab supplies, equipment, and services. Using an eProcurement system enables you to seamlessly find and compare products, place orders online, track company spending, and manage your inventory more efficiently. By integrating your organization’s eProcurement system with STEMCELL Technologies’ product catalog, you can simplify how you order lab supplies from us and you spend more time focusing on your scientific research.

Why Connect Your eProcurement System?

  • Save time and money by reducing manual entry and paperwork
  • Use one system to compare our products and prices with those of other suppliers
  • Centralize purchase orders and invoice information for streamlined data analysis and improved spend visibility
  • Reduce errors and purchase order discrepancies by getting accurate, up-to-date pricing and product information
  • Save on order processing time by automating processes and simplifying internal approvals

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