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Celebration of Science

Science is worth celebrating. Breakthroughs and discoveries change the world. It's scientists like you—and scientists like them—who can make this happen. We shine the spotlight on these scientists, because their science motivates us.

Scott Allen

Scott Allen seeks metabolic therapies for a neurodegenerative disease.

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Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez

Tomas Gonzalez Fernandez advances 3D bioprinting strategies for tissue engineering.

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Swati Dhar

Swati Dhar uses mouse models to solve a rare brain tumor.

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Kevin Beier

Kevin Beier interrogates how experience modulates activity dynamics in neural circuits.

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Anirudh Muralikrishnan

Anirudh Muralikrishnan investigates dendritic cell development.

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Madeline Lancaster

Madeline Lancaster developed a groundbreaking brain organoid protocol.

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Jason Young

Jason Young hiked the Bolivian Andes for immunology research.

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Sylvia Boj

Sylvia Boj revolutionized drug screening using organoids.

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James Wells

James Wells invented PSC-derived gastrointestinal organoids.

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Sofie Pattijn

Sofie Pattijn started a company to support immuno-oncology research.

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Cedric Bardy invented BrainPhys™ for active neuronal cultures.

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Robert Liwski

Robert Liwski standardized histocompatibility testing protocols.

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Suzan Imren

Suzan Imren found a way to optimize the use of cord blood HSCs for transplantation.

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The discoveries you make aren't just a footnote to our products, they are the motivation. Because as Scientists Helping Scientists, our vision, mission and our whole way of being stem from one goal: to advance science.

Scientists Helping Scientists™

At STEMCELL, science is our foundation. It is our purpose, our vision and our culture. With the majority of our employees holding science degrees, we are scientists. This is why we celebrate scientific discovery, and why we support science communication and training. Above all, it is why we are committed to data and transparency. No hype, no buzzwords. Just science. Just curiosity, knowledge, truth and integrity.
Just Scientists Helping Scientists.

Three Scientists Peer Reviewed Us

They visited our headquarters to investigate whether our commitment to science is genuine. See what they found in the documentary film about the peer review.