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  1. mTeSR™1


    cGMP, feeder-free maintenance medium for human ES and iPS cells
    Catalog # 85850, 85857
  2. Vitronectin XF™

    Vitronectin XF™

    Defined, xeno-free matrix that supports the growth and differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells under serum-free, feeder-free conditions
    Catalog # 07180, 07183, 07190, 27147, 07191
  3. StemSpan™ Leukemic Cell Culture Kit

    StemSpan™ Leukemic Cell Culture Kit

    For culture, expansion, and drug screening of chronic and acute myeloid leukemia cells
    Catalog # 09720, 09605, 02691, 72332
  4. Dulbecco's Phosphate Buffered Saline with 2% Fetal Bovine Serum
  5. Scientific Poster

    Immunomagnetic Cell Isolation of Untouched Human Regulatory T Cells

    Cell Isolation Products
    WIRM 2010, AAI 2011
  6. Scientific Poster

    Isolation of Human Regulatory T Cells from Peripheral Blood Samples

    Cell Isolation Products
    KEYSTONE 2007
  7. CellAdhere™ Laminin-521

    CellAdhere™ Laminin-521

    Matrix for maintenance of human ES and iPS cells in combination with TeSR™ maintenance media
    Catalog # 77003, 77004, 200-0117
  8. Brochure

    Human T Cell Research Product Workflow

    Cell Isolation Products
    ArciTect, CryoStor, EasySep, ImmunoCult, Lymphoprep, RosetteSep, SepMate, StemSpan
  9. Scientific Poster

    Rapid Isolation of Highly Purified, Functional and Expandable Human Regulatory T Cells

    Cell Isolation Products
    ICRT 2010, ICI 2010
  10. Scientific Poster

    Column-Free Isolation of Highly Purified and Functional Human Regulatory T Cells

    Cell Isolation Products
    ASI 2010
  11. Scientific Poster

    Immunomagnetic Purification of Human Central and Effector Memory T Cell Subsets in 45 Minutes

    Cell Isolation Products
    KEYSTONE 2018
  12. CAR T Cell Manufacturing Workflow: Isolation, Activation and Expansion