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  1. Technical Bulletin

    Tumorsphere Culture of Human Breast Cancer Cell Lines

    Cell Culture Media and Supplements
  2. Brochure

    Choose Your TeSR™ Maintenance Medium

    Cell Culture Media and Supplements
  3. Online Immunology Journal Club: Expanding the Therapeutic Tool Kit for CAR T Cells
  4. Manual
  5. Wallchart

    SnapShot: Breast Cancer

    Overview of signaling pathways, commonly mutated genes and breast cancer subtypes
  6. Wallchart

    SnapShot: GI Tract Development

    Overview of gastrointestinal tract specification signals and summary of pancreatic cellular hierarchy and cell markers
  7. Wallchart

    SnapShot: Adipocyte Life Cycle

    Overview of the adipocyte life cycle, including a list of molecules involved in adipose stem cell proliferation, adipocyte differentiation, turnover and obesigenic expansion
  8. Wallchart

    SnapShot: Glioblastoma Multiforme

    Overview of the key concepts and mechanisms in glioblastoma multiforme biology
  9. Wallchart

    SnapShot: Exercise Metabolism

    Overview on the skeletal muscle gene expression modulation, energy sources, and inter-organ communications during exercise
  10. Technical Bulletin

    Culturing Leukemic Stem & Progenitor Cells with StemSpan™ Medium

    Cell Culture Media and Supplements
    Leukemia/Lymphoma Cells