RHO/ROCK pathway inhibitor; Inhibits ROCK1 and ROCK2

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RHO/ROCK pathway inhibitor; Inhibits ROCK1 and ROCK2
From: 127 USD


Y-27632 is a cell-permeable, highly potent and selective inhibitor of Rho-associated, coiled-coil containing protein kinase (ROCK). Y-27632 inhibits both ROCK1 (Ki = 220 nM) and ROCK2 (Ki = 300 nM) by competing with ATP for binding to the catalytic site. (Davies et al., Ishizaki et al.)

· Direct lineage reprogramming of fibroblasts to mature neurons, in combination with CHIR99021, RepSox, Forskolin, SP600125, Gö6983 and Valproic Acid (Hu et al.).

· Enhances survival of human embryonic stem (ES) cells when they are dissociated to single cells by preventing dissociation-induced apoptosis (anoikis), thus increasing their cloning efficiency (Watanabe et al.).
· Improves embryoid body formation using forced-aggregation protocols (Ungrin et al.).
· Increases the survival of cryopreserved single human ES cells after thawing (Li et al.).
· Blocks apoptosis of mouse ES-derived neural precursors after dissociation and transplantation (Koyanagi et al.).

· Improves survival of human ES cell monolayers at the initiation of differentiation protocols (Rezania et al.)