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iPS Cell Training Course: Reprogramming Somatic Cells to iPS Cells

Reprogramming Somatic Cells to iPS Cells Training Course

  • iPS Cell Training Course
iPS Cell Training Course
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iPS Cell Training Course
Two-day training course on reprogramming of somatic cells to iPS cells.
00224 1499.00 USD

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  • iPS Cell Training Course (00224)

    1499.00 USD


This two-day course is focused on deriving and maintaining human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPS cells) from somatic cells using a defined and feeder-free system. An overview of popular reprogramming methods will be provided as pre-course material to prepare students for classroom discussions. Preparation, purification, expansion and reprogramming of somatic cells such as blood cells or fibroblasts will be demonstrated with an emphasis on identifying and isolating iPS colonies. Over half of the course will be devoted to hands-on laboratory techniques lead by expert scientists and educators from STEMCELL Technologies, with the main focus on identifying and maintaining fully reprogrammed iPS cell colonies.
Personalized instruction enables students to master the entire process of reprogramming from somatic cell preparation and transfection, to iPS cell identification and isolation. Students will also learn techniques for maintenance of iPS cells and forming uniformly-sized embryoid bodies for downstream applications.
This course is taking place on December 13 - 14, 2016 in Leiden, Netherlands. Please fill out this form to register for the course.
Product Type: Training & education
Recommended For:
• Scientists interested in working with a standardized, serum- and feeder-free system to reprogram somatic cells to iPS cells
• Scientists interested in maintaining iPS cells in serum- and feeder-free culture media such as mTeSR™1 and TeSR™-E8™
• Scientists interested in gaining familiarity with isolating CD34+  cells from peripheral blood
• Isolation, selection, and expansion of blood and fibroblast cells prior to reprogramming
• Reprogramming somatic cells into iPS cells using TeSR™-E7™ and ReproTeSR™
• Feeder-free maintenance of hES and iPS cell cultures using mTeSR™1 or TeSR™-E8™ media, and Matrigel™ or Vitronectin XF™ matrices
• Characterization of iPS cell colonies
• Methods to generate uniformly sized EBs for differentiation using AggreWell™
• Isolate peripheral blood mononuclear cells with SepMate™ and enrich CD34+ cells using EasySep™
• Observe transfection of somatic cells with ReproRNA™-OKSGM
• Review morphological changes during reprogramming process using TeSR™-E7™
• Identify and select fully reprogrammed iPS cell colonies
• Passage hPSC cultures in mTeSR™1 & Matrigel™ or Vitronectin XF™ & TeSR™-E8™ using Gentle Cell Dissociation Reagent and ReLeSR™
• Discuss cryopreservation and thawing of hPSCs in Cryostor™ CS10
• Create uniformly-sized EBs using AggreWell™
• Dinner with STEMCELL Technologies' experts
• Lunches and refreshments served daily
• Course booklet and electronic versions of instructional material
• Certificate issued upon successful completion of the training course
•Post laboratory Q&A and quiz on second day
Albinusdreef 2, 2333 ZA
Leiden, the Netherlands
Area of Interest: Embryonic stem cell & iPS cell research
Cell Type: Embryonic stem cells & iPS cells
Training & Education Type: Training courses

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iPS Cell Training Course: Reprogramming Somatic Cells to iPS Cells All Manual
iPS Cell Training Course: Reprogramming Somatic Cells to iPS Cells All Manual

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