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Use PneumaCult™-ALI for Bronchial Epithelial Cells
PneumaCult™ Media for Airway Epithelial Cells

PneumaCult™ cell culture media are specifically designed to support submerged culture and subsequent mucociliary differentiation during air-liquid interface culture (ALI culture) of primary human bronchial epithelial cells, as well as primary human tracheal and nasal epithelial cells. Human tracheobronchial epithelial cells expanded in PneumaCult™-Ex and then cultured at the air-liquid interface with PneumaCult™-ALI undergo extensive differentiation to form a pseudostratified epithelium that closely resembles the human airway. Furthermore, PneumaCult™-ALI cultures can elicit physiological responses to known stimuli, making the PneumaCult™ cell culture media system a robust tool for in vitro airway epithelial cell research. Primary human bronchial epithelial cells differentiated in PneumaCult™-ALI constitute a highly physiological model for respiratory research, with applications including developmental and disease state studies of the airway epithelium, upstream drug development, toxicity testing, and drug transport studies.

Benefits of PneumaCult™:
  • PHYSIOLOGICALLY RELEVANT: Cells differentiated using the PneumaCult™ system closely model the human airway.
  • REPRODUCIBLE: PneumaCult™ media are serum- and BPE-free, maximizing experimental reproducibility.
  • USER-FRIENDLY: Uncomplicated components and optimized protocols make PneumaCult™ easy to use.

To learn more about PneumaCult™-ALI, please view our human bronchial epithelial cells webinar.

PneumaCult™ Cell Culture Media

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PneumaCult™-Ex Medium


    Expansion of primary human airway cells in submerged culture

PneumaCult™-ALI Medium


    Differentiation of primary airway cells in air-liquid interface culture

Air-Liquid Interface Culture of Human Bronchial Epithelial Cells

Culturing primary human bronchial or tracheal epithelial cells at the air-liquid interface mimics the in vivo environment and drives differentiation towards a mucociliary phenotype. This culture system is superior to other in vitro models for many research applications because it results in the generation of a more physiologically relevant model. Both immortalized cell lines and primary cells from animals are used for respiratory research, but data generated using these models are not directly applicable to the human system.1 Submerged culture of primary human bronchial epithelial cells or tracheal epithelial cells is useful for expansion of primary airway cells for a limited number of passages; however, cells in this system fail to undergo mucociliary differentiation. Air-liquid interface cultures of human bronchial epithelial cells exhibit many of the characteristic properties of the human airway, including mucus secretion, ciliary motility and formation of cellular tight junctions.

Expansion of HBECs in submerged culture is performed with PneumaCult™-Ex
Expansion of HBECs in submerged culture is performed with PneumaCult™-Ex. During the ‘Expansion Phase’ of the ALI culture procedure, PneumaCult™-Ex is applied in both the apical and basal chambers. Upon reaching confluence, the cultures are air-lifted by removing the culture medium and adding PneumaCult™-ALI to the basal chamber only. Differentiated cultures exhibiting a pseudostratified epithelium are obtained following 21-28 days incubation at ALI and can be maintained for extended periods of time (>6 months).

1. Bérubé K, et al. Toxicology 278(3): 311-8, 2010

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PneumaCult™-ALI Medium Serum- and BPE-free medium for HBECs cultured at ALI 05001 1 Kit 185.00 USD
Hydrocortisone Stock Solution (200X)
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Hydrocortisone Stock Solution (200X) for use with PneumaCult™-ALI, MammoCult™, EpiCult™ and other cell culture media 07925 3 mL 20.00 USD
Hydrocortisone Stock Solution (200X), 10 Pack
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Hydrocortisone Stock Solution (200X) for use with PneumaCult™-ALI, MammoCult™, EpiCult™, 10 pack 07926 10 x 3 mL 180.00 USD
PneumaCult™-Ex Serum- and BPE-free medium for expansion of HBECs 05008 500 mL 125.00 USD
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