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MesenCult™ - Enrich, Expand, Quantify, & Differentiate Mesenchymal Stem Cells

Your High-Performance System for MSC Isolation, Culture & Differentiation

The MesenCult™ product line was developed to help mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) researchers standardize their cell culture system and overcome issues associated with cell culture media variability. Choose from a comprehensive range of specialty products for human and mouse MSCs designed to service scientists along the basic to translational research continuum.

Use MesenCult™ to:
  • Enrich mesenchymal stem cells from bone marrow (human/mouse) or compact bone (mouse)
  • Expand mesenchymal stem cells in vitro
  • Quantify mesenchymal stem cells using the CFU-F Assay
  • Differentiate mesenchymal stem cells to adipogenic or osteogenic lineages
NEW MesenCult™ Proliferation Kit with MesenPure™ (Mouse) enriches mouse MSCs in culture without the serial passaging steps or frequent medium changes normally required when culturing with traditional media. Primary MSC cultures exposed to MesenPure™ appear homogeneous and mostly devoid of unwanted hematopoietic cells as early as Passage 0.

Featured Products

Catalog # 05449
Defined, Animal Component-Free Culture Kit for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Catalog # 05512
Medium for Detection of CFU-F and Expansion of Mouse Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Catalog # 05490
Animal Component-Free MSC Cryopreservation Medium
Catalog # 05426
Dissociation Kit for Human Mesenchymal Stem Cells
Catalog # 05412
Medium for the Differentiation of Human MSCs into Adipocytes

22 products available

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Product Name Description Catalog # Size Price Quantity
CryoStor® CS10
New Product
Animal component-free, defined cryopreservation medium 07930 100 mL 299.00 USD
MesenCult™-SF Culture Kit Defined, serum-free culture kit for human mesenchymal stem cells 05429 1 Kit 523.00 USD
MesenCult™-XF Medium Defined, xeno-free medium for human mesenchymal stem cells 05420 1 Kit 311.00 USD
MesenCult™-SF Attachment Substrate Serum-free attachment substrate for human mesenchymal stem cells 05424 5 mg 238.00 USD
MesenCult™-ACF Dissociation Kit Animal component-free dissociation kit for human mesenchymal stem cells 05426 1 Kit 128.00 USD
Osteogenic Stimulatory Kit (for MSCs cultured in MesenCult™-XF) Kit for differentiating human mesenchymal stem cells cultured in MesenCult™-XF into osteogenic progenitors 05434 100 mL 108.00 USD
MesenCult™ Stimulatory Supplements (Mouse) Supplement for detection of CFU-F and expansion of mouse mesenchymal stem cells 05502 100 mL 155.00 USD
MesenCult™ MSC Basal Medium (Mouse) Basal medium for mouse mesenchymal stem cells 05501 400 mL 59.00 USD
MesenCult™ Osteogenic Stimulatory Kit (Mouse)
New Product
Kit for Differentiating Mouse Mesenchymal Stem and Progenitor Cells and Embryonic Fibroblasts into Osteoblasts 05504 1 Kit 267.00 USD
Adipogenic Stimulatory Supplements (Mouse) Supplement for differentiating mouse mesenchymal stem cells into adipocytes 05503 100 mL 169.00 USD

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