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RoboSep™-S The Fully Automated Cell Separator

RoboSep™-S - The Fully Automated Cell Separator

STEMdiff™ APEL™ Medium 100 mL

STEMdiff™ APEL™-LI Medium
Low-Insulin, Serum- and Animal-Component Free Medium for the Differentiation of Human ES and iPS Cells

TeSR™-E7™ Kit for Reprogramming

Feeder-Free, Xeno-Free Reprogramming Medium for Human iPS Cell Induction

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Video: RoboSep™-S Introduction
Streamline your cell isolations using the fully automated RoboSep™-S cell isolation platform. RoboSep™-S, the updated and improved version of the popular RoboSep™ instrument, offers true walk-away automation while retaining the speed and simplicity of EasySep™ with just 5 minutes of hands-on time. Watch other videos here.

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